Playback is a royalty management platform that makes it easy to collaborate on music releases. We collect your revenue from distributors, PROs and any other sources you want us to manage. All you have to do is tell us once how to distribute the money between you and your collaborators, and we take care of the rest. If you have costs to cover before the royalties are split, we’ll make sure they are recouped first. If you want to invite an investor on board to finance your release, we make sure they are paid through the revenue with minimum hassle and maximum transparency. Almost anything is possible, and you are the boss. We encourage creative and financial collaboration. Make beautiful music and share the royalties - with Playback.

App Shot

The Challenge

The core element of Playback is a musc sharing algorithm that allows flexible schemes for revenue allocation between the paerticipants of an album. We have developed a coded algorithm that parses the hierarchy of royalties allocation and allocate the revenue to each recipient. To allow fast and mass processing, the algorithm was developed in an API in Python, while the app was developed in Bubble.